She's All That 2018 will be held on Saturday, April 28 at Cal High in San Ramon. 


Girls Workshop Choices:
listed below are the workshops offered this year. You will be able to choose 3 out of these to attend during the day.


Anti-Bullying & Relationship Safety
Want to learn the secrets to making great friendships and building healthy relationships? 

Enjoy a Fun Empowerment workshop, where girls learn to express themselves with Confident Assertive body language, and words for peers and aggressive “Jerky Johnny” boys. In a dynamic class of music, games & Fun role-plays- you will bond with other girls to unleash your inner-strengths and attract the right people to you!

Workshop Leader: Dara Connolly, Owner Kurukula™, Award-Winning Girls Empowerment Organization Founder Jerky Johnny®, Relationship Safety Game

Art Journaling
In this fun class you will learn how to explore your creative spirit thru art journaling. Supplies will be provided and no prior experience required.

Workshop Leader: Ellen Kwan, Graduate Carlton College, Fine Arts
Balancing Act
In this movement and meditation workshop, you will learn: 

· The secrets between the mind-body connection
· That you don't need to sit still to meditate, and
· How to manage your energy to stay stress-free and centered in school and at home.

When you know how to stay calm and focused, you can face your fears, deal with all the pressures in your life and maintain your self-confidence. Be prepared for physical activity in this class and make sure to wear comfortable clothes

Workshop leader:  Val Joy, Chakracise


Be Healthy. Be Happy.
Explore healthy ways to nourish your body and feel your best. Students will learn about nutritious and delicious food choices. We’ll also touch on other factors, such as movement, sleep and stress that impact our overall health and well-being. 

Workshop Leader:  Lane Dailey, RD, CDN


Bend it Shape It Yoga for Girls
Learn how yoga can help you deal with stress and help keep you fit. Introduction to the origination and practice of yoga. Learn and practice basic yoga poses and breathing techniques you can use throughout life. [Note: This session includes physical activity so comfortable clothes are required]

Workshop Leader: Vicki Millar


Connect with your Feminine Reality (6th Grade and above only; this is for mothers and daughters to take together)
Let's face it, as females we experience a rich emotional life; it's how we are made. We are also highly relational, our friends and family are important to us. Join this mother-daughter workshop to learn:

•A three-step formula for managing strong emotions
•Five critical relationship skills all girls and women need

Finally, revel in this comfortable and nurturing mother-daughter environment where you can relax and learn how to claim your inner beauty, because it's fabulous to be female.

Workshop Leader: Amy Sluss, RN


Cyber Safe and Sane On-line
You might think that you know everything you need to about the Internet but this class will help you better understand the social networking do's and don'ts to protect yourself while still having fun.

Workshop Leader: Teen Esteem


Dance Party - Bollywood Style
Enjoy learning dance moves from one of the hottest and most upcoming popular dance forms, Bollywood! You'll move and get some exercise while building your confidence as you learn something new and just be yourself. Plus, you will have FUN in this energetic, no-stress class with chart-topping Bollywood music! This class will bring in various elements of dance and fitness, including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, and classical Indian dance to make one great Bollywood fusion dance party! Make sure you wear comfortable clothes!

Workshop leader: Nikita Meghani, Dance and Fitness Instructor


Discover the Writer Inside You
Explore your unique voice and unleash your creativity through writing. Students will learn techniques to "get the juices flowing," get in touch with their feelings and become comfortable expressing them through the writing process.

Workshop Leader: Elizabeth Perlman, Founder Intuitive Writing Project


Dollars and Sense - Learn How Money Works
Want to buy that cute outfit or new phone? In this class you will learn about money - what it takes to earn it, save it, spend it and be responsible for your own financial future.

Workshop Leader: Jennifer Jost, Financial Advisor, David White and Associates


Don’t Just Stand there – Do Something!  (7th and 8th Grade Only) 
Teens are known for being game to try new things that can lead to fun and interesting life experiences.  However, the flip side to that is sometimes experimentation can lead to trouble. This workshop will provide great information and tips that can help have fun in a safe way and equip you to intervene if a friend needs your help.  Among topics covered will be:

• The reality of the Multiplier Effect
• The real scoop about substance abuse
• What to do if you are concerned about a friend  
• How to gracefully deal with peer pressure  
• When and how to respond to a friend’s health emergency when she has gone too far  
• How to perform basic rescue breathing and basic CPR until help arrives

Workshop Leaders: April Rovero, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse, Jaimie Rich, Environmental Prevention Program Director, Center for Human Development


Don't Stress Out
This workshop will teach you how to learn to deal with the stress and increasing pressure as you enter middle and high school.  The San Ramon Teen Council, consisting of local high school students, will share their stories of how they dealt with these issues personally.  Through interactive activities and discussions, students will learn how to handle both academic and social stress in their daily lives.

Workshop leaders:  San Ramon Teen Council


Find Your Passion   
Dive deeper with hands-on activities to focus internally on YOU. What are some of your strengths? What skills have you learned and others you were planning to master? Dial in with a high energy instructor and passionate discussion for constructive steps moving forward.

Workshop Leader:  Bridget Bugbee, Graduate UC Davis, Communications and English; currently Sales Account Executive at Siemens


Friendships, Conflict and Girl Drama (This is for mothers and daughters to take together)
This mother/daughter workshop will look at the normal social & emotional development of girls, and why conflict and drama is so common between 9-14. This fun and interactive workshop will teach how to have a conflict, how to cultivate deeper friendships, and how to stay true to yourself, even when surrounded by crazy people. 

Workshop Leader:  Torie Henderson, owner of and co-owner of 


Fun with Improv
Ever been interested in improv? Or maybe you would like to feel more comfortable and confident when talking in front of others? Here’s your chance to try some fun improv techniques. Performers learn how to spontaneously think fast, stay focused, and work as a team. Warning, side effects may include: increased mental focus, team building skills, enhanced memory and listening ability, self-confidence, overcoming shyness, taking risks with creativity, discovering a sense of humor, and bouts of uncontrollable laughter!

Workshop Leader: Cheryl Kann and Kathy Gamboa


Fun with Science
Come and spark your interest in science close-up through demonstrations and fun, hands-on activities.  Learn how science affects your world and how it is just "explainable" magic.

Workshop leader:  Lawrence Livermore Lab


High School How-To's
Learn first-hand from high school girls how they successfully navigated the transition from middle school to high school.

Workshop Leaders: Cal High S Club


Hip Hop Til You Drop
Learn the basics of this funky and popular dance style. The class includes a warm-up and stretch and then you will learn a short routine to perform at the end of the class. Not only is Hip Hop fun, it will build your confidence, cardio health, flexibility, strength and coordination. [Note: This session includes physical activity so comfortable clothes are required]

Workshop Leader: La Tonya Watts, Valley Cheer and Dance


Make-up Do's and Don'ts
Learn about different skin types/conditions and gain product knowledge for appropriate skin care. Develop an understanding of makeup types and colors that work best for you. Learn not only the "tools-of-the-trade" (basic implements) but also the "tricks of the trade" (application techniques) as well.

Workshop Leader: Debbie CarboneMary Kay


Manage Middle School
Attendees will learn the tips and tricks about making it through middle school. The class will include some organizational tips, how to survive girl drama and how to do your homework without throwing up.    

Workshop Leader: Nicole Lodato, School Counselor, Pleasanton Unified School District


Self Defense—What Every Girl Should Know
Every girl needs to know how to stay safe and protect herself, if necessary. In this empowering workshop, you’ll learn about awareness, breaking the myths surrounding abuse, assertiveness and how to set verbal boundaries and physically fight back if you need to. [Note: This session includes physical activity so comfortable clothes and shoes are required. Waiver form signed by parent or guardian required - in the T's and C's section of the registration form.

Workshop Leader: Carolyn Staehle, Tri-Valley Haven Advocacy & Communication Specialist, Self-Defense Instructor.


Skin Care Savvy

Learn about different skin types/conditions and gain product knowledge for appropriate skin care.

Workshop Leader: Debbie Carbone, Mary Kay


Straight Talk on Relationships  - Level I (for 6th Graders and above only)
What defines a healthy relationship?  Learn how to value yourself in relationships and deal with peer pressure in areas such as drinking, drugs and sex.

Workshop Leaders:  Ellie Johnson and Scott Bolin, Teen Esteem


Straight Talk on Relationships – Level II (for 7th & 8th Grade only)
This fun and energetic workshop will help you to feel equipped, educated and empowered as you prepare to enter high school. It will focus on what a healthy relationship looks like and how you can build your self-confidence and self-esteem which will enable you to have an awesome high school experience. This is a FRANK discussion about: 1) making good choices to achieve your goals; 2) the stages of physical behavior in a relationship; 3) risks of early sexual activity (physical and emotional) including an update on STDs; 4) how to build healthy relationships and 5) drugs and alcohol. [Note: This class is for 8th Graders ONLY - this WILL be monitored! Note the waiver for this class in the T's and C's of the registration form]

Workshop Leaders: Ellie Johnson and Scott Bolin, Teen Esteem 


The Ins and Outs of Being a Teenage Girl
Being a teenage girl is perplexing. Wondering if the changes you are feeling and seeing are normal?  Often girls are too embarrassed to ask. During this interactive class, we will explore some common health topics affecting a girl's changing body and mind. You will also have the opportunity to secretly ask a question and get an answer to your most burning questions. You don't want to miss this fun and informative class. 

Workshop leader:  Melissa Witaschek, Nurse Practitioner, Kaiser




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