She's All That! 2018 

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Saturday, April 28
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

California High School
 San Ramon



She's All That 2018 will be held on Saturday, April 28 at Cal High in San Ramon


Adult Workshop Choices:
listed below are the workshops offered this year. You will be able to choose 3 out of these to attend during the day.


Blended Families
Do you know that step families (a/k/a blended families) have unique dynamics which make both the children and adults vulnerable to greater stress--which can impact mental health, as well as problems getting along with each other?  There are several myths about step families which can be misleading and damaging. This is why 2/3 of marriages involving stepchildren end in separation or divorce in the U.S.  But it doesn't have to be so.

How can you prevent some of these problems and misunderstandings so that everyone can get along, and even thrive in a  blended family?

Learn about some of the challenges faced by parents and kids in blended families, and some key strategies to address the conflicts that may arise.

Workshop leader:  Edina Adler, MA, ACSW at NYU's Graduate School of Education, MSW at UC Berkeley's School of Social Welfare, certified Family Court Mediator in New Mexico, and trained in stepfamily coaching at the Stepfamily Foundation of New York. 


Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention: "it's everyone's business"
Keep your kids safe by learning the signs of suspected child abuse, cyber safety and bullying. Learn how to talk to your kids about these very sensitive topics.  Child Abuse is 100% preventable. By providing  education, resources and support to families we can build a safety net for the children in our community.  Learn what you can do to prevent child abuse.

Workshop leaders:  Christina Hickey, Community Education Coordinator and Carol Carrillo, MSW, Executive Director of the Child Abuse Prevention Council of Contra Costa County,


Connect With Your Feminine Reality (6th Grade and above only. This is for mothers and daughters to take together)
Let's face it, as females we experience a rich emotional life; it's how we are made. We are also highly relational, our friends and family are important to us. Join this mother-daughter workshop to learn:

•A three-step formula for managing strong emotions
•Five critical relationship skills all girls and women need

Finally, revel in this comfortable and nurturing mother-daughter environment where you can relax and learn how to claim your inner beauty, because it's fabulous to be female.

Workshop Leader: Amy Sluss, RN and founder, Fabulous to be Female


Dose of Awareness: What EVERY Parent Needs to Know
It’s not easy for parents to stay on top of all those new trends in their child’s world that could lead to risky behavior. This multi-media workshop will help close that information gap and provide parents with important knowledge and tools they need to navigate through those challenging adolescent years.

Presentation Topics:
Media Influences
Image Disorders
At Risk Social Groups
Substance Abuse Realities
Technology Dangers
Adolescent Party Scene
Parenting Tips
What Can YOU Do?

Workshop Leaders: April Rovero, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse


Friendships, Conflict and Girl Drama (This is for mothers and daughters to take together)
This mother/daughter workshop will look at the normal social & emotional development of girls, and why conflict and drama is so common between 9-14. This fun and interactive workshop will teach how to have a conflict, how to cultivate deeper friendships, and how to stay true to yourself, even when surrounded by crazy people. 

Workshop Leader:  Torie Henderson, owner of and co-owner of 

Healthy Relationships 
Learn how to identify strategies on effective ways of communicating with your daughter, especially when it comes to talking about building healthy relationships. Parents will be equipped on how to play an influential role in their daughter's dating relationships.

Workshop Leader: Susan Eakin, Decker Communications, Teen Esteem


Middle School Transition 
Learn how to make a successful transition to middle school, which includes preparation of both the body and the mind. Middle school students worry about fitting in, so I will let you know what to expect and anticipate from your teens as they go through this transition. We will discuss how to help your daughter celebrate her individuality, get along with others and take time to relax. Conversations will revolve around how to help her develop the strength, courage, confidence and honesty to advocate for herself. 

Workshop Leaders: Katie Donovan, School Counselor, San Ramon Unified School District


Mistakes Moms of Preteens Make that Keep Their Daughters Shut Down, Pulling Away, and Feeling Bad About their Bodies
Join this workshop to build your Magical Mom Muscles! Learn and practice the top three things YOU can do that will keep your daughter confident & satisfied with who she is and also connected to you. This is essential today as there are so many negative and harmful messages in her world - a solid mother-daughter connection is more important than ever.

Workshop Leader: Amy Sluss, RN and founder, Fabulous to be Female


Not Now Mom I'm Almost at Level _ or How to Help your child navigate in the age of Internet and Video Game Addiction
Girls are the fastest growing population of internet and video game usage in the US. Companies are targeting sites and games for girls. Many of the sites have negative images of girls and women and/or promote gender biased roles, thus sending the wrong messages to both males and females.

Learn about the impact of this type of addiction on the brain, academic achievement, self- esteem issues and families arising from this new form of compulsive and addictive behaviors. Walk away with strategies and tools you can use to protect and help your child and family navigate these turbulent times.

Workshop leader: Lynn Gardner, MBA, MS Counseling, Youth & Family Services Program Manager, Horizons Family Counseling, Livermore, CA


The Power Within (Empower and Inspire Your Teen)
In today's high pressure world, it is more essential than ever to empower our kids to take appropriate responsibility for themselves—homework, chores, practice. Learn how five principles of leadership will give you the tools to unleash your child's potential.

For today's children, the world has never been more competitive. And, as the most affluent, informed and highly educated parents in history, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to give our kids an edge in achieving "success." But there is compelling evidence that this "do it all" culture is, in fact, harming our youth while leaving them ill-prepared to compete effectively in school, at work and in life. Experts are calling for alternative strategies. In today's high stakes, high pressure world, it is more essential than ever to empower our kids to take appropriate responsibility for themselves. In this session, five familiar principles of leadership and management are presented as tools to support you in identifying and unleashing the potential in every child to achieve a broad spectrum of goals. Easily transferable and proven to be highly effective in defining and achieving what leaders want for their organization—in this case, what parents want for their family—these five principles will align your family to experience success, meaning and joy in the loving and nurturing environment of home.

Workshop Leader: Laurie BodineSTART Leadership: Where Leadership Begins


Social Media and Cyber Safety
Learn about security and parental controls of the various social media out there today but also hear from teens directly about their daily experience of all this social media.

Workshop Leaders: Carli Nornhold, Senior Monte Vista High School; Aidan Nornhold, Junior, Monte Vista High School


Strong Dads, Strong Daughters 
Dad, you are far more powerful than you may realize, especially when it comes to your daughter views about herself and the world around her. Research indicates that girls whose dads spend more time engaging in their lives are much less likely to participate in risky behavior and much more likely to develop a positive self-image. Come learn how you can have an impact on helping her become a strong and confident young woman making choices that she will benefit from for a lifetime.

Workshop leader: Ben Johnson, Teen Esteem


Talking to Kids about Sex

Most parents want to be the ones to educate their kids about sex but aren’t sure what to say or how and when to say it. Meanwhile our children are bombarded with sexual images from TV, movies, youtube, video games, etc. This interactive workshop is designed to help parents open up communication on difficult or sometimes embarrassing topics. With today's digital culture, it's more important than ever that parents get involved in the conversation. 

Workshop Leader:  Torie Henderson, owner of and co-owner of 


Who's the Parent? 
Setting limits and boundaries can be difficult in dealing with our teens. Come to our workshop and learn new techniques that will restore a sense of order and harmony in your family. Our workshop will demonstrate simple methods that all parents can use to feel more effective and closer to their teen. Hope to see you there!

Workshop Leader: Tina DeMattia, MFT, Marriage Family Therapist providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, children, adolescents and their families


Teen Talk – How to Keep Them Talking to You Through These Emotional Years
Do you feel disconnected from your teen? Do you feel you have tried everything to get through to your teen? Come to our workshop that will help you bridge the communication gap, understand your teen's inner world and feel energized to begin a new journey with them. In this workshop we will discuss the pressures on teens today and give you practical tips to survive and thrive with your teen during these emotional years. You will witness real teens discussing parent/teen dynamics and explaining what works and what doesn't. Come to this insightful workshop and feel ready to remember the essence of your teen rediscover her strengths, and respond in ways that encourage a strong, caring and permanent bond.

Workshop Leader: Tina DeMattia, MFT, Marriage Family Therapist providing psychotherapy to individuals, couples, children, adolescents and their families




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