She's All That! 2018 

 Registration opens soon

Saturday, April 28
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

California High School
 San Ramon


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Make a Connection

For more information about Soroptimist membership, please contact us by email or call (925) 355-2442

Benefits of Membership
What would it be like to belong to a group that supported personal fulfillment, friendship and mentoring, was diverse, and provided leadership and networking opportunities on a regular basis? It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? In addition to that, Soroptimist International of San Ramon also provides you with access to several insurance options, low-interest credit cards and other services as well.

Please, take a moment to look at the list below to see how becoming a Soroptimist can support and enhance your personal and professional growth.

Fulfillment: Get involved! Make a difference in the world by working on projects that improve the lives of other women and lead to personal satisfaction and recognition in the community.

Friendship: Come have fun with us! Cultivate relationships with other women who have similar interests and values. Our twice monthly meetings provide a wonderful opportunity to become part of the Soroptimist "family" and create strong, rooted friendships—friendships rooted in honesty, integrity, similar interests and values.

Diversity: We embrace all women! Meet and learn about women from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, participate in projects that address the needs of women throughout the world and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to world peace through understanding.

Networking: Tell us about your business so we can help you! Associating with other women who represent a variety of professions facilitates valuable business contacts and referrals.

Leadership: Learn to be a leader! Develop skills at a club level that can result in enhanced professional capabilities as well as leadership opportunities at local and national levels of the organization.

Mentoring: Set a good example! Soroptimist women are given opportunities to serve in mentoring roles throughout the community, working with high school girls as well as adult women.

Convenience: We make it easy! Belonging to an association with organized programs and professionally developed resources, frees members from administrative constraints while enabling them to concentrate on making a difference in the world by participating in volunteer service.

Services: Save time and money! Joining Soroptimist provides you with access to additional benefits including a variety of insurance options (in the United States only), low-interest credit card (United Sates only) and a subscription to Soroptimist International of the Americas' award-winning magazine.

Annual & Monthly Dues

Our club has two membership types: Active Members and Supporting Members. All members pay annual dues of $130.

  • Active members: Members who attend meetings regularly. Dues are $30 a month which includes two meals.   
  • Supporting members: Members who do not attend meetings regularly, but assist with fund raisers and service projects. No monthly dues.


  • You will have the opportunity to sign up for various committees in areas of your interest to engage in volunteerism. Generally, committees consist of one or more individuals who meet on an as-needed basis to plan and complete volunteer projects.

Visiting Other Clubs

  • As a member of a worldwide organization, you are encouraged to visit other clubs locally or when traveling.

To view our current membership roster, click here.